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Fires of London!!!

I'm excited to say Hellgate London is coming back.  This time as a F2P MMO.  I enjoyed playing it back when it was running and it'll be nice to see it running again.  It's a SciFi Fantasy MMO that deals with the darker side of life.  The gates of hell break open in London and you are the guardian who destroys the evil within.  The combat is very fun and I can't wait!


The world of MMOs is growing to substantial sizes these days due to popularity and public demand.  ARGO has finally been pushed to full release a decent F2P model based off of a steam punk theme.  Well worth the look.  Sony keeps attempting to cover up the true mistakes they've been making with their networks but promise to compensate at least the U.S. portion for now by offer free Identity protection for a year.  Currently they are working on sending that out and should be received in your emails.  This is finally a good decision for Sony considering free gear and everything else just doesn't amount to protection of the real problem.  I feel bad for all the people being effected by this tragic network crisis but at least we can only hope it will be fixed and maybe even designed better.  Star Wars the Old Republic is rumored to be pushed even further into the future because they want to make sure the beta test are sufficient which is good news but not surprising at all.  It'll be nice to see what comes up in the mean time.

To the Core of Spiral

I haven't had the opportunity to play it yet but here is a pretty interesting browser based MMO called Spiral Knights.  I came acrossed it when I was looking at Browser MMOs through boredom lol.  It's free 2 Play and it's created by Sega.  It's pretty new considering it just got released this month.  The world is ever changing and it's built to be an ever expanding dungeon crawler to the center of the core.  To find out the secrets of the world.  So far it is completely free from the looks of things and your character isn't based upon any certain class.  You evolve by the weapons you use in your arsnal and you adapt to the area you are fighting in.  Should be pretty fun and when I get a chance to try it you'll be the first to hear it.

After giving the introductory a try it is pretty intuitive and sucked me in right away.  It's like a cross between Zelda and Megaman and I was highly impressed.  The wait time from registering and playing was about 30 seconds and it is worth trying.  I can't wait to get some more time to play :)

Many Apologizes

I've been rather out of it as of late and I'm sorry for not updating you on the latest of the MMO world.  I haven't really been keeping up to date very well even for myself and I'll try to get back into it.  When I hear something of importance though be sure that you will be able to hear it from me.

Protect the Players!

So Rift has created an authenticator to protect your account from hackers along with the coin locks.  It's nice to see they are looking out for the valuable time of the players.  It's surprising to see a company come so quickly to a solution, but being that Rift is becoming a huge setting for the MMO community it definitely needs it.  The popularity rises for Rift and it's definitely deserving.  It's a great game and very well planned out.  Make sure you protect your accounts today!

Black Prophecy: U.S. closed beta has started

Black Prophecy is a SciFi space shooter alot like EVE but way more action with emthysis to get you right inot the fight and have control of your ship. This is a must try game and is now shooting to get beta players in the U.S. So sign up and get in line to give this baby a try!

Edit: So I gave Black Prophecy a try today and it was simply amazing.  The cut scenes were great and the action was awesome!  The controls to the space craft were simply astonishing.  I could move back and forth with ease it was designed perfectly with fluid motion.  I was very impressed.  I think this game is going to be a very big hit and everyone should give it a try!

SyFy's MMO Named

So SyFy has been promising us an MMO for a while now the cooperates with a new show they will be showing.  With little to know about it other then it's a Sci Fi shooter being made by Trion we have little to go with.  It has been announced officially that it will be named Defiance!  Gathering from the success of Rift I hope to see this game turn out with the same sort of dedication.  With the standards that Trion has put out for us so far I think it will be rather impressive.  We need a good Sci Fi MMO.

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